Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Venda Feed Commerce Manager?

This tool enables you to send your products to multiple affiliates, comparison sites and shopping engines. Venda has built relationships with these these third parties for its clients to enable them empower its clients to maximise their online revenue. The tool enables you to set specific filters on your products by feed, as well as providing the full reporting suite that it required to minimise your acqusition costs. By centralising your feed marketing activity you can ensure that you maximise the effectiveness of your marketing spend.

How do I get started?

To get started on the Venda Feed Commerce Manager please contact your Account Manager. There is a small set-up fee to migrate your products file onto the Venda Feed Commerce Manager, and a small ongoing maintenance charge. The fee includes full training on the system, an introduction to each of the feed partners, and first-time hints'n'tips from our experienced professional services team. Once you are set-up, you can then use the feed manager to send multiple produc files to multiple locations. The feed commerce partners are already pre-mapped into the system, channel set-up is seamless, easy and efficient.

Are they any other costs?

The set-up fee and ongoing maintenance fee does not inlude the marketing spend you will incur through the channels you set-up. The Venda Feed Commerce Manager partners have varying commercial models. Some work on a cost per acqusition and some on a cost per click basis. As part of the business process to set-up a channel, you will sign an agreement with them, which will include their commercial terms. Venda recommends that the money you save by going with Venda be invested to drive traffic to your website.

Once I am set-up, how do I login?

Your Account Manager will provide you with a User name and password. Return to the login screen (by clicking 'Login' above), and use this information. You will be sent through to the Venda Feed Commerce Manager homepage. To set-up a feed, follow the instructions on this page using the Venda Feed Wizard.